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THMIN is a site for watching ads and gives you a reward once you've finished watching it.

Visiting our site and your using it, you agree to the terms of use of the site. These terms and conditions are subject to change and modification from time to time at our discretion. In the event of a change in THMIN's usage policy, we will post these changes to our website so that you are always aware of the modifications and information being updated. And the use of the Website after the effective date of the amendments constitutes an explicit acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.


Children less than 10 years not allow to thim to register, enter and participate in THMIN.

Account and registration obligations:

Once you apply for membership on the site, you must disclose specific information and choose a secret username and password to use when accessing the site. And upon acceptance of the registration application, you will be considered a member of the site and you have agreed to:

  1. You shall be fully responsible for providing complete, correct and accurate information in terms of name, e-mail and password to THMIN site and you shall be responsible for any damages resulting from the unreliability of these data.
  2. Be committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information about your account and password, identifying the persons allowed to access and using your account on the site.
  3. In the event of any illegal use or any breach of your account you must immediately notify the site of this use.
  4. THMIN site will not be in any way liable for any loss you may incur directly or indirectly, morally or materially, as a result of revealing user name or login information.
  5. You acknowledge immediate commitment with these terms and conditions, as well as any terms and sub-provisions dedicated to each service.
  6. We do not allow people to create more than one account, use false information, or share their payment processors with other members.
  7. THMIN is free and it is strictly forbidden to sell or rent your account for profit.



Your account must be active so that you can use the site and watch ads, otherwise your account will be inactive and if your account goes inactive (without logging in within 7. days), THMIN administration  will consider that the account has been abandoned and reminders will be sent E-mail stating that the account has been closed.

After you close the account, all funds will be confiscated in the account and the balance will be zero. And if you reopen this account, your refund will not be refunded.

Publicity and announcement:

Your THMIN link allows you to automatically receive messages, alerts, emails, or text messages from THMIN. These messages are used to inform you about new ads or to alert you and to increase your chances of getting the most rewards. If you feel that these messages and messages do not suit you, you can unsubscribe from them, and the unsubscribe link will appear on all mail you receive from THMIN or one of its official partners.

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Termination of service:

THMIN site may terminate or stop the account at any time for any reason. These reasons include (but are not limited to) the following:

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You undertake and warrant that:

Limitation of Liability:

- THMIN site is not responsible for lost profits, lost business opportunities, or any other indirect, special, punitive, incidental or subordination damages arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or THMIN, even if THMIN is notified of the possibility of such damages.

- THMIN does not offer any express or implied warranties or undertakings with respect to the Members' Program or any services or other elements that are advertised through THMIN.

- THMIN is not responsible if your computer is infected with malware, viruses, or other programs that affect the performance of your computer.

- THMIN management is not responsible for any damages whatsoever including, but not limited to, any direct or indirect damages arise from:

  1. Use or inability to use the Website.
  2. Any error, negligence or inaccuracy in the site and / or the content of the site.
  3. Any other matter relating to the Site, even if THMIN's management has been notified of the possibility of such damages or losses.


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