All you have to do is view a valuable site and download a free (precious) app from the Google Play / App store. Log in to your phone number and let us know your interests and preferences with the options that are right for you, so we can provide you with a better advertising experience

When you download and activate the exclusive application, you will see a set of video ad deals, display contents and presentations when you open your phone screen. If you like what you see, you can win the deal.

There is a specific time to watch each ad and win a witness, share and do good

In answer to this question, the three most important reasons why you apply for registration are immediately based on your type of interest • First: the material prizes offered to the winners, Second: What distinguishes the site of the value of registration is completely free, and available to all nationalities, this opens the opportunity for all people to register with us. Thirdly: Easy to profit from ad advertising, all you have to do is to follow the special conditions in the site and apply valuable Example 1 When you see the ad with a focus you will be asked a question and requires the correct answer to win the deal Profit from the deal is in the field of cars: Ford "Product Show" for a minute (Ford announcement) What sports car did you see? o Lincoln o Mustang o Torres The answer is correct (Mustang) Congratulations Congratulations, share your win with your friends in order to transfer the amount to your account in precious.

Yes, you can ... With us , the spread of your ad will be wider and at the lowest costs.

Yes One of the advantages of your ad with precious You can target your audience in terms of demographics As 1- Preferences and interest 2- The country or region 3- Gender 4- Age 5- Profession

Your customer is located ... near you or throughout the Kingdom. You can display video ads for different social classes and positions. You can also control your ad campaign and its reach only to target people depending on: 1- Interests and preferences 2- City / residential neighborhood 3- Age 4- Gender 5- Profession

In the marketing video, list is keen to display the video ads that your activity creates to the right people before they watch the main video, by appearing favorite ads and notifications for them on the viewer's home page ... and thus gaining more new customers interested in the content of your ad.

Thamin features dedicated to managing advertising campaigns easily and professionally And that is by achieving the results of the emergence of confirmed ads and periodic reports

It is better if the content of your ads is a video or an image, as it is the best effective marketing tools".

A commission will not be paid to any viewer of the advertisement until after he sees your ad in full and then answers the ad's question correctly - and then shares the advertisement link with friends on social networking . In this way, you are guaranteed to spread your ads to their friends

The post notification feature is important .. because it gives you an overview of your earnings ... and in the event that any amount is added to your balance from your earnings from viewing an advertisement, you see that directly through the notifications that will appear to you.

That mean the ease of managing privacy by "showing or deleting" the comments on your private ads ... before they appear to the viewer ... and this avoids you being exposed to inappropriate comments that may harm you or harm your ad.

Prizes will be delivered at least 30 days after the end of the promotion. The winners will be notified either by phone, SMS or email, and they will be informed of the delivery process.

If you are the winner, a valuable team will contact you and inform you of all specific procedures (where and how you will receive your prize). do not worry! Just keep your mobile phone unlocked at all times! To facilitate communication with you

You can become a valuable member . Simply create an account to log in, then enjoy watching your favorite ads and start earning money.

You can be one of us by contacting us and obtaining a documented advertising account and give you marketing code own and start reaping your commissions that reach 10% ؜ from every advertiser that is on your side.